Friday, October 8, 2010

Apples apples everywhere

Couple of weekends ago, right after the Autumnal Equinox, we went apple picking to herald the arrival of Fall. We drove an hour outside the city and found ourselves in an apple orchard that had everything we were looking for – a large orchard with a variety of apples, tractor rides, corn mazes, a petting zoo replete with fuzzy, furry, feathery farm animals, fresh made cinnamon and pumpkin donuts (those were my favorite part of the day, in case you were wondering) and a colossal barn filled with homemade goodness from the country.

I was excited for Little Miss; it was her first apple-picking experience. We met another couple and their daughter there and the girls roamed free and ran wild for the most part, getting lost in mazes and eating apples as they picked them at the orchard. As this was a first for our daughter, we took a gazillion pictures of course (I spared you by selecting just a choice few – you’re welcome).


Apple1Her first.


Apple2She didn’t waste any time. Finders eaters!


Cornmaze Little people in a gigantic (seven acres!) corn maze.


That’s more like it. My kid’s in there somewhere. Really.


tractor Yeah baby. Come check out my ride.

Bunny Little Miss loves bunnies. But her little friend REALLY loves bunnies.


Apple3 The moo-choo train (you’ll see why it’s so named below).


Apple4See? And here’s our Little Miss Independent.


I was so busy capturing Little Miss and her firsts that it almost escaped me that I’ve never been to an apple orchard myself, and obviously, I’ve never picked an apple in my life. So really, this was my first too! 16 years in the Midwest, and it took having a baby to finally get me out here. Of course there’s no picture of my momentous occasion, but that’s fine; everyone had a blast and that’s what counts.

I never had these activities with my own parents when I was growing up. Granted there weren’t any apple orchards in tropical Malaysia, but I really meant immersing ourselves in weekend activities and out-of-town jaunts for a day’s fun. We had occasional vacations but with two busy parents who worked six days a week, they took Sunday as the day of rest very seriously. And who can blame them really?

While I understand my parents’ situation, I still hope for it to be different for my little girl. I don’t want her to have to strain to remember fun memories of us as a family. I want them to be as abundant as the apples we saw that day, tumbling into her head, full of juicy sweetness. It’s too late for me to change my past, but through Little Miss, I just realized that not only do I get to help shape her childhood, I get a second chance at mine.


* * *

What is your favorite Fall activity? Do you find yourself trying to recreate your childhood for your little one(s)? Or do you find yourself scaling new heights with them? What do you do with all these apples???!!!