Monday, September 6, 2010



We are still here. We took a moonlight tour in our nation's capital and explored many monuments and historical sites. But that's not the only reason why this trip is monumental.

Coming here, we were a little cautious. After all, our little girl's first flight has burned a scar in our memory, and she's also really fond of routine. But since we only had three days, we decided to push our toddler, delaying nap and bedtimes by three hours or more (which means an 11pm bedtime for our usual 7pm'er - yes, we're still OMG'ing over here!!!), eating out at every meal, and navigating the crowded museums and mass transit. To our amazement, so far nothing fazes her. She is an absolute trooper. No tantrums or meltdowns. Not even tears. Just smiles. And lots and lots of it.

We knew this would be a fun trip. We even hoped for great. But monumental? I guess, in D.C., that is the only way to go.