Friday, August 20, 2010

I’m not hiding


One of Little Miss’ favorite thing to do is to hide. She’ll announce, “Hide!” and when that happens, even when she’s in plain sight (because she’s terrible at this game), it’s code for us to pretend to not see her. If we forget and look directly at her, she reminds us sternly, “Hiding!” Oh. Right.

Inspired by my daughter, I’m making my own announcement: “I’m NOT hiding!” I’m just over at Molly’s place, Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce, to share a story about my own divorce. Yes, I take NOT hiding pretty seriously as this has been quite the week of truths for me. First I came out of the closet, then I exposed my  lusty thoughts and now this. What is in this water?!

Anyway, next week, I’ll be back to regular programming like sharing cutesy pictures and fluffy anecdotes. For now, please click over to my post today and take a look around Molly’s blog too while you’re there. You’ll enjoy her astute observations on the various stages of relationships and marriage, and possibly even get sucked into one of her incredibly thoughtful and insightful pieces.

See you at Molly’s!