Friday, August 13, 2010

He brought me Paris

Because I like you so much, I’m going to be straight with you. Since it’s still my birthmonth, I’m continuing on my path of narcissistic self-indulgence. Just because My Guy doesn’t think I deserve a whole month doesn’t mean I have to agree with him. I’m a rebel like that. It’s a birthday-celebration-heavy post, but just in case you were wondering what that sweet man did for me...

Earlier in the year we had discussed going to Paris for a birthday/anniversary extravaganza. Except we spent most of our PTO (“paid time off” for those of you fortunate enough to never encounter this term) on our big trip to Malaysia and have to save up for BIG expenses on the horizon. Hence, au revoir Paris.

And so for my birthday surprise, My Guy decided that because we couldn’t go to Paris, he would bring Paris to me.  He had carefully planned and executed all the little details, unfolded one at a time, each an absolute delight, over the course of my birthday weekend:

  • procured early morning croissants from our favorite cafe so we got to eat breakfast as a family before work on my birthday
  • asked my best friend to drive eight hours to join us and to cook me a French-inspired dinner, and she did (!!!)
  • ordered delicious Eiffel Tower cupcakes
  • signed up my BFF and I (both shameless foodies) for a French cooking class for at the Alliance Francaise
  • dinner for the three of us at a classic French bistro




12 of these babies showed up at my house. About six of them ended up in my happy belly.




To-die-for Chai tea stuffed French toast at brunch right before our cooking class. A Francophile may argue its authenticity, but hey there’s French in the name. Good enough for me. (And yes, someone already took a bite before he took the picture. Ahem.)




My BFF, in yellow, watching our instructor score the semolina cake. 




Flowers sent to the office in celebration of the 100th post on my blog this week. Yes, My Guy’s a keeper.




Today, Little Miss is 21 months young(!!!). When I look at her face, I think, Mona Lisa Schmona Schmisa. Besides, I’ve been to the Louvre, and I’ve seen the Mona Lisa. While it was quite a sight, it doesn’t come close to my very own masterpiece right here.



Undoubtedly, a trip to Paris would’ve been a grand affair. However, it’s also a little too far beyond our grasp right now. But it didn’t stop My Guy from trying, and he did the best with what he had. Through his thoughtful little gestures, it felt like he had opened my palm and laid Paris in my hand.

And along with it, his heart of gold.



This post is part of Bigger Picture Moments and Intentional Happiness!!!