Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Celebrating 100 with Seven

This is my 100th post (fireworks and champagne in my head!), and to commemorate the occasion, I’m going to be a little self-indulgent. Well, more than usual anyway. I am the proud recipient of the Beautiful Blogger Award. It’s my first award ever! I thought this would be a good day to share with you my acceptance speech to mark a milestone of sorts. I didn’t think I’d last this long when I began memory keeping in this space, but here I am, 100 entries later and still not completely sick of it. Yet. Unlike Random Tidbit #3 below. But that’s for later. For now, let’s get the party started shall we?


As part of the acceptance speech we have to do three things:

Thank the person who gave you the award.

This part’s easy. The Absence of Alternatives, thank you!!!

I’m so honored. Not just for the award. It’s because I’m a big fan of the person who bestowed me with this honor. We have plenty in common - we’re immigrants with Chinese genes, we speak “good Engrish”, love writing, came to the States around the same time to go to school but ended up staying here because of a boy, and coincidentally, she also lives in beautiful Chicago.  But what I love most about her are her wit and versatility because she can do beautiful and poignant, she can do thought-provoking, and she can do bad-ass with her middle finger on the pulse of all that’s wrong with the world today.

Anyway, enough about my benefactor, who so eloquently said in her own acceptance speech, “...because this post is all about me. ME. ME!!!!!”  Let’s move on to the most exciting part of this award. The part about ME.

List 7 things about yourself your readers do not know.

1. I thought hard about random things but it kept gravitating towards the latest adorable antics by Little Miss and the sweet gestures of My Guy. I guess this tells you that the number 1 random tidbit about me is that I’m really not very interesting. If I am, I wouldn’t have to depend on others for fodder for my blog posts. Or maybe you already knew that…(gulp)

2. I love coffee. Period. (Just cream, no sugar, thank you.)

3. Once, I wanted to pick up a new hobby because I was tired of listing the boring ones for myself – reading, cooking, writing – so I decided to try knitting except I didn’t know how. My BFF taught me how to start knitting a scarf (because it’s supposedly failsafe) but we didn’t get to meet for a long time in between so she couldn’t teach me the next important step - how to “end” the scarf. But I just kept going. So what started out as a scarf became the size of a table runner. Project Knit Fail. I quit and went back to reading. And the alpacas thanked me.

4. I heart veggies. I’ll eat them any way I can as long as they’re fresh. I’ve never met a vegetable I don’t like. Yes, even Brussels sprouts. In fact, it’s one of my favorites. Right up there with bacon.

5. I have a thing for younger men. The Mr Darcy, George Clooney types? So not for me. But give me Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jake Gyllenhaal any day baby! This may explain my choice in life partner. For the longest time, I dated older men until I met My Guy, and that’s when it truly clicked. Can’t beat the effervescent energy of youth, topped by really smooth skin and…HELLO, PG-13 blog!

6. I once met Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama and Lady Gaga for a business lunch. OK, fine. I totally lied. What gave it away? Mandela? Thought I’d spice things up a bit (see Random Tidbit #1). How about this instead: I met Gwendolyn Brooks and even got an autograph from her when she read at my school one day. I was star struck. Yes, I’m a lit geek. If you know who she is, you may be one, too. Just sayin’.

7. I don’t do patience well. Or selflessness. Or forgiveness. Or creativity. So this whole motherhood thing is totally cramping my style. But I get brownies for trying right? Or is that brownie points? Do I get to pick?
So there you have it. Random. And uninteresting. Unlike the following, the last part of my speech.

Award 5 bloggers who you’ve recently discovered.

Being Rudri – Rudri provides profound wisdom in very few words, a trait that my verbose self admires very much.

Kludgy Mom – Gigi, who has probably received a gazillion of these awards (so what’s one more anyway?), is a generous and supportive blogger who isn’t afraid to say it like it is.

Only You – Cecilia and I share a similar cultural upbringing and with our partners from a nationality different from our own, we share the struggles of raising a child in a house with divergent beliefs and heritage.

The Halfway Point – Belinda delves into life’s deeper issues, forcing us to push our own boundaries, daring us to see beyond our own horizon.

Undercover Mother – Hyacynth is someone whose beliefs are so firmly grounded that it helps comfort and guide even non-believers like me.