Friday, July 16, 2010

Random Bits of Awesome

Little Miss turned the big 2-0 months this week (gasp! time! flying! stop! please!), and I realize that as the self-designated Memory Keeper of this blog, I’ve been doing a lousy job in commemorating her milestones. Instead, I’ve been reflecting on my feelings and discussing my issues. Since I’m trying to chronicle our lives as my gift to her, I suppose I should focus on things that may interest her too, like her developments and her stories.

So here, Little Miss, this one’s ALL ABOUT YOU (hope you’re happy). Here’s a compilation of snippets that will probably bore the heck out of most people but are rather amusing, endearing and bewildering to me because I’m your mom. I am blessed and cursed that way (loooooove yoooouuuu).

And once we’re done here, we can go back to talking about me.


Words, words, words

Now that she’s well past the rolling over, sitting up, crawling, fumbling, standing, walking stages, there are no other real developments to report other than the explosion of her vocabulary. However, just because she says them, it doesn’t mean we understand her. Most of the time, it’s guesswork on our part. While Little Miss repeats many of the words we say these days, I’ve included a few of note that are uttered with intent, and not just mere parroting. At 20 months, where stringing two words together is her biggest accomplishment, she’s not the most interesting conversationalist – consider yourself warned.

* * *

I was alarmed when she said “mouse” from the car when we were at the garage one day, not happy to be sharing my home with filthy rodents, until I saw what she was referring to - a squirrel. Phew! But it still surprised me that she made that inference because, before this, the only time she’s seen a mouse is a cartoon-like depiction of one from her bedtime book, Goodnight Moon. I was impressed by her ability to make a connection in her head – Small animal in book = small animal in real life = “Mouse!” - even if she ended up being wrong. (Good try, Little Miss, good try, but better luck next time.)

* * *

Speaking of mouse, when we were cuddling one evening, I was planting kisses on her face to savor her pink, chewy, chubby cheeks, but she kept saying “mouse” and when I looked at her bewildered, thinking there can’t possibly be a squirrel (or a real mouse this time!) in her bedroom, she puckered her lips – Oh… MOUTH! - and dove right in to place a big wet one on mine, with an audible mwaaah! I, of course, melted into the chair.

* * *

On our walk one evening, she stopped abruptly and sat on the sidewalk to blow bubbles. The world is her play yard, yes.



When she does actually walk with me, she often requests, “hand” as she holds hers up in the air until I take it in mine. I am warmed by this gesture of implicit trust and one that clearly says, I need you. And I choose not to think about the time in the future where she will let go. Instead, I relish that delicious, dimpled little hand that searches for and nestles comfortably in mine.

* * *

I probably should not be admitting to this but Little Miss recognizes and sometimes asks to go into Target (“Tar-gitt!”), which is on our way home from daycare. I’m not sure what this says about my own current consumer behavior (ahem) and the future of hers, but I fear for both.

* * *

I like that when I ask Little Miss a question, she takes a second to ponder with an “Uhm...” (I wonder where she learned that? Uhm...). And when something catches her attention, she begins with an overzealous “Oh!”. For example:

Oh! Mac etaoifnaeoi efiweine!!! (in an animated voice)
- What just happened Little Miss?
Uhm...awron faeoroi cat fneounrt go boom
- Did Mac fall and go boom?
Yeah! (a little too gleefully, if I may add)
- Would you like to see if he’s OK?
Uhm...afraerajne neaornaenr dfaeour fanranern ararnnn
Yes, the turtles can build a castle made of ice cream in the mountains

Hey, two can play this game. I don’t know what she’s saying; she doesn’t know what I’m saying. We can both make things up as we go. It’s only fair.

* * *

I called for My Guy who was in another part of the house, “Honey!”
He didn’t hear me so I asked Little Miss to do it. “Call daddy for me please.”
And she echoes, “Hon-eeeee...”
I laughed and heard her dad chuckle. That got his attention alright.

* * *

Of course many of these are you-had-to-be-there moments for you to truly appreciate them, although mostly they’re the you-have-to-be-mom ones. I did save the best for last though.

The most awesome bit of all. This right here.



All of it.