Friday, June 18, 2010

Photo Friday: For Fantastic Father (I can alliterate!)

For Father’s Day, My Guy gets to enjoy his weekend sans family. Yep. That’s his Father’s Day gift from me (because I’m cheap like that). He gets to pack up his clothes and his computer and join a band of his nerd friends for a LAN party (I can already hear the echo of the “woot!” from all the way here). For the uninitiated, LAN stands for Local Area Network, and it basically means they’re hooking up all of their machines together for a computer-game orgy that lasts about three days, at which time they’ll be shooting, stabbing, bombing, pounding, dodging, driving, running and drinking a LOT of caffeine. Occasionally, they may even remember to eat and sleep. But shower? Forget about it. Why do you think he’s there and I’m here? Essentially, it’s a lot like a bachelor party in Vegas minus the booze and the gambling, and the only strippers they’ll encounter are probably virtual. I’m OK with that.

With all these miles between us, I thought I’d dedicate this post to him, celebrating the many roles of daddy in our house, so he can come back to this anytime he misses his Little Miss. You know, just in case the 324 pictures of her on his brand new phone aren’t enough. 



Daddy the goalie



Daddy the hugger



Daddy the hoister



Daddy the tickler



Daddy the upsidedowner



Daddy the Eskimo kisser


Happy Father’s Day to the most kickass daddy in the world. You so deserve this weekend.

Now go kick some virtual ass!


To everyone else, enjoy your weekend with the special someone(s) in your life.


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