Wednesday, June 9, 2010

He left me for a hottie

We are a PC family. No, not politically correct, although we try to be that too. PC as in we try not to use Apple products. Try because up until last week, My Guy and I were both iPhone users. Now he has abandoned our family plan, and essentially me, for the HTC EVO 4G. It was like Christmas in June for him. The night before he jumped ship, he could hardly sit still. He was humming, grinning at me from across the room every few minutes, tapping his fingers, even dancing a little jig. It was not pretty. And slightly annoying. But also completely understandable.

You see, My Nerd is not and has never been an Apple guy. He received an iPhone as a trade for his help on a friend’s computer. And when his old phone conveniently broke around the same time, it made sense for him to give the phone a try. He was also convinced that it was the best phone $200 could get at that time, and so for the past two years, he’s been begrudgingly using it. He eventually jailbroke the iPhone to be free of the incomprehensible restraints that Apple likes to impose on its devices. He felt good thumbing his nose at The Man (called Steve Jobs), making his experience somewhat bearable.

However, when they finally announced the new “badass phone” (his words) from Android, he “almost wet his pants”. He could finally be himself again. Having always been an opponent of Apple, the iPhone felt like a betrayal to his geek side. At work, he’s the only creative type among his peers who has opted out of the Mac, ubiquitous in ad agencies, requesting a PC instead. It felt wrong working on a Mac, and when the PC showed up on his desk one day, he was back to being his efficient self. Just like now. With his EVO in hand, and this silly grin still plastered on his face since last Friday, he is whole again. It’s especially useful for when he makes the argument against Apple these days that he no longer has to hide the iPhone in his pocket.

But that’s him. I confess that I wouldn’t have felt as strongly about the PC / Apple war if it wasn’t for My Guy who has very specific and convincing arguments and rebuttals that he has been perfecting over the years. He didn’t have to win me over though. With a career in marketing, it’s apparent that Apple has the best marketing team in the world. They have a pretty product. They can innovate. Their ads are magnetic. I certainly respect their brand and the manner in which they have carved their own niche in very competitive markets. But I’m not impressed by their machines.

I’m also the girl who would much rather dine at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in a strip mall for a flawless execution of the cuisine than seek out a trendy see-and-be-seen spot in a vibrant neighborhood with passable food. And this is how I, the foodie, view Apple products. Edgy decor, great vibe, hip music, mediocre food. Three out of five stars.

I’m not going to go into technical details here simply because I’d just embarrass myself. I realize that when it comes to a non-techie like me, it’s all a matter of personal preference anyway. I’m not here to win an argument or persuade you, the Apple user, why you should switch over to my side. I just think it’s interesting that these camps can be polarizing, even among friends.

The iPhone has come out with its newest version, iPhone 4, to counter the Android’s latest bad boy, the EVO, and I have to admit, I don’t really care who wins this war. Just like My Guy, I have been a Google user and fan for a long time. I surf the Internet with Google’s browser, Chrome. I begin my blog drafts on Google docs. These comments you leave me (and I hope you will) come to me via my Gmail account. I am a Goo-gal. And I will always be.

There are many, many reasons why I adore their products, and perhaps I will elaborate on them someday. This post is already longer than I intended so I will just leave you with this: Google is THE shit. And no, that’s not My Guy speaking. That’s all me.

All I know is, my life is easier because of Google. So come 2011, when my contract expires, I will switch over to an Android phone. And all will feel right with the world again as we rid our home of the last Apple device. It’s been fun, yes. But I’m done with the shiny object. I need a device that does what I need it to do, not one that dictates what I can or cannot do. Just like in real life – I like calling the shots.

I’m not here to judge but since most readers of my post are not usually tech savvy either, I’m curious:
  • When it comes to computers and/or mobile phones, why did you choose what you now have?
  • As you read this post, what are you using? And why? Do you feel strongly about this device?
  • If not this device, is there something out there that’s the quintessential you? One you can’t imagine living without?