Friday, May 21, 2010

Play awhile in their shoes

As parents to a toddler, playground visits are par for the course. Sometimes we stick to the neighborhood ones, and sometimes, we take a short drive to one of the several "destination playgrounds" as I'd like to call them. Recently we visited one that blew us away. It wasn't by the beach and it didn't have panoramic views of the city like the others we've been to, but this one had an old-school wooden play structure that made My Guy and I nostalgic for the playground of our childhood. 

This is the mother of all structures - like it was built for kids by kids. The tunnels, the nooks, the towers, the tubes, the sandlot - the works! It is also right next to a small farm animal zoo area and a children's spray pool! Yes, a kiddie nirvana right here in our own backyard-ish.

Little Miss had a blast, but secretly, so did we. We weren't just parents there. We became kids ourselves. How could we not?

Just think...if you were a kid, what would this be like for you?

 You wouldn't even know where to begin

You would want to explore every tunnel

Scale every height, be like Rapunzel

or the Count of Monte Cristo

Traverse the nearby minefield of dandelions, experiencing them for the first time

And end your day with a cone from the ice cream peddler - every kid's best friend.

Wouldn't you? I know I would. 

She definitely did.

Enjoy your weekend, wherever you go. You know where we'll be.