Monday, May 24, 2010

Operation Me, Myself and I

My Guy and Little Miss went to visit her grandparents on Sunday morning, and for the first time in ages (as in I really don't remember the last time), I had the morning completely to myself. I was thinking about this all week - excited, nervous. What could I do? What should I do? Sans baby? It's a strange territory for me these days to not have to work with a circadian rhythm that consists of naptime, snacktime, and pottytime. A rare indulgence to tune in to myself and little else. I knew I wanted to relax but with so many possibilities, yet so little time, I was beginning to stress out. Yes, only I would be stressed about relaxing.

So what did I finally do? I thought I'd give you the play-by-play. Maybe you can grade me on my performance.

8:30  Said goodbye to family. Blew kisses again. And again. And then another for good measure. Because saying goodbye to my little one is never easy. It's a good thing that it's her dad who drops her off at daycare every morning. If it were up to me, I'd never be able to get to work. Ever.

8:30 -9:00  I ate cereal and checked my email, Facebook and Twitter (the Unholy Trinity of what had become religion in my life). Then before I got completely sucked in by this diabolical web, I forced myself to log off. It's a beautiful day - I'd shoot myself if I squandered away these precious hours behind the computer. I closed my laptop and left the office. Success!

9:00 - 9:45  I threw in a load of laundry just to feel productive and took a long, hot shower. I had no appointments and no work to rush off to, so even the shower felt different today. Cleansing, not just cleaning.

9:45 - 10:00  Made the weekly phonecall to my mom who's a woman of few words in person, and even fewer on the phone. Without Little Miss around to "perform" new tricks and words she picked up throughout the week for her pati (grandma), the call was even shorter.

10:00 - 10:30  Power yoga on the porch - probably one of my favorite me-time activities. I was cursing myself for jumping the gun on the shower. Oh well - it's not like I was going to a hugfest.

10:30 -11:00  Dressed to get out of the house. I deliberated - makeup or no makeup? I decided on the former, realizing that every time I look like I just rolled out of bed is when I bump into someone I know, and of course today, it didn't happen. 

11:00 -12:00  I finally left the house on a mission to save myself. From ugly feet. The weather has been cold and dreary for the most part, so hiding my feet was easy. But the forecast promised 80s for a good long spell. Since the forecasters are always right (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) I decided on a pedicure. A little treat for myself (and for others, really). Besides, we had a birthday party to attend that afternoon, and I refused to be the only loser with socks on when everyone would be wearing sandals (sure enough, they were). 

Before the nail salon, I stopped for my first iced coffee of the season in celebration of the first really hot day of the year and continued my way down, soaking in the delicious heat. During my hour of pampered bliss, I devoured hungrily the book I was reading for my book club: The United States of Arugula. With a book about food, it was easy to satiate both my passion for literature and for food. I almost forgot what it felt like to leisurely read during the day, and I savored every word. 

12:00 - 1:30  Next, it was time to wander around aimlessly in my neighborhood to check out the independently-owned stores that line this particularly busy street. I love that they're so close to me, but I rarely get to visit them on a whim - it is usually with purpose. Today, I had no agenda. I let the windows do the work - the better the display, the likelier I was to go in. It was time for a shopping spree! I ended up with one shirt for myself. I know - I was out of control. 

1:30  I ordered takeout sushi and was picked up by my family on their way home. Little Miss flashed me the biggest welcome smile in the car as I got in. To me, it confirmed that the morning apart was good for the both of us. She connected with family, and I connected with myself. Both essential in their own right.

Never-before-seen footage (hah!), and I'm sharing this with you because I trust you will still come back after this (I'm also hoping you're not that shallow). My brazen choice of photo may also be due to the fact that I was a little tipsy from this drink you see next to my pedi-cured from the uglies-feet. It's the cocktail du jour: sweet tea vodka with sparkling lemonade. You know, to help with my quest to relax and to make my feet look even better. Wow - is that the longest photo caption ever or what?

So how did I do? What would you have done were you in my shoes? Sorry - I meant SANDALS.