Sunday, May 16, 2010

My favorite hunk of meat

This is part of Momalom's Five-for-Ten series, where a group of bloggers write about the same five topics in 10 days. This post responds to the fourth topic, Lust.

The object of my lust: Homemade barbacoa tacos - on a weeknight.  

Food and me go way back. Born in Malaysia, it was inevitable for me - it's a nation of proud, unapologetic food lovers. Lately, with Little Miss in my life, my food obsession has become even more prominent as my excitement in sharing my passion increases with each new food discovery of hers. To watch her consume a little blackened salmon here and a little dim sum there is my culinary nirvana. 

But now, it's all about the barbacoa. Thanks to my new favorite kitchen appliance, the slow cooker, we were able to come home to one of our favorite preparations of beef. If you've been to Chipotle and ordered their barbacoa, you know what I mean. 10 hours of stewing and immersing in flavors enriched by these simple ingredients, cilantro, onions, garlic, jalapeno, salt and pepper, were all it took for our divine taco night. 

When I was at work the day this three-pound meat was in the cooker, I could hardly concentrate - all I could think of was the barbacoa, the piece de resistance of our dinner that night. Walking into the kitchen that evening for the first time was like walking through the Pearly Gates, minus the judgment, the questions and the awkward small talk. 

Just me and my meat. At last.

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p.s. Due to the Momalom series, I will be posting on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. I will be back on my regular MWF schedule next week.