Friday, April 23, 2010

Plan B.

Yesterday, as you may know, was Earth Day. I had planned to walk to the nursery down the street after work to get some herbs that Little Miss would help me plant. You know, saving the planet, one plant at a time and all. At least that was my noble intention. Until we got to the nursery and Little Miss Cranky Pants would have none of it. The herbs. The little vegetable garden. Row upon row of gorgeous spring flowers. Nothing. So we left in a haste, before her whiny cries turned into the tantrumy kind.

Instead we went home and she sat down with her book of animals, content with making animal sounds on her own while I made dinner, consciously making the effort to not use too much water or paper towels and not cook too much to avoid waste - doing my Plan B part of saving the Earth. At this point not destroying it would be good too.

That wasn't our first Plan B of the week. Recently, we received big news at an unexpected moment and although we were elated, we also had a sleeping baby in our hands. Realizing that an impromptu celebration at a fancy restaurant, playing dress-up and drinking with abandon, were a thing of the past, we opted for a quiet evening in with takeout from our favorite place and a bottle of Ice Wine we kept for a special occasion, procured from our first trip sans baby almost a year ago.

That night, we made a toast by candlelight and felt really good about our future. It may not have been our original plan, but it was nonetheless perfect.

We're getting used to making the best out of contingency plans. In fact, Little Miss is the epitome of this. She was our surprise baby, a (beautiful and adorable) wrench of our Plan A. But as it turns out, sometimes contingency plans do work out better than the original.

Way better.

Enjoy your weekend.