Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me

That I should be tweeting. And so I am. See the button on the right? Yes, that ubiquitous blue bird that’s been chattering, sorry, twittering up a storm in cyberspace (do people even use this term anymore?) these days has landed on my blog. Just like my preoccupation with car metaphors in a previous post, I wonder how far I can fly with the bird metaphors now that I’m starting to learn this hip new lingo. I have to say, I do have the mother of all avian metaphors crowning the top of my blog – Here Where I Have Landed. Although the origin of the title is not quite bird-related, I do feel like someone who has found the perfect spot to roost, a nest of my own. And perhaps that’s why it’s inevitable that I tweet.

So there you have it. I have officially joined the 21st Century. First Facebook, then a blog and now this. I still don’t know much about it, other than needing to curtail my verbosity to think and write in 140 characters (which, as a few of you may know, is VERY DIFFICULT for me). So now what? I tell you the color of my mood ring? (Steel Blue). The dinner I have planned for tonight? (Still unsure, but I need to use the rapini in the fridge before it dies on me). Or the color of my underwear? (Would this guarantee a larger following? If so, it’s red. And lacey. I can lie right? I didn’t see anywhere on the Twitter terms about having to be truthful. But if we really have to be honest, fine, I don’t have a mood ring either).

Anyway, as you can probably tell, I didn't think this one through. Just me indulging my flighty half (the fun half, no doubt), so here I am, back to trying to figure it all out. Life. Motherhood. Blog. And now, Twitter. Maybe while I’m still attempting to find my voice for my blog, I can look for one skilled with word economy to handle the challenge of the 140-character limit of Twitter. You know, two birds. One stone.

And apparently, MANY metaphors. 

Last one, I promise: If you are a bird of my feather will you come flock with me? If so, click on the button and twitter with me. Or is that tweet? Man, I have GOT to get the lingo down.