Sunday, March 28, 2010

Meals for Tot

I've cooked for Little Miss since the day the experts say she was ready for solids. Cooking is a passion, so I was thrilled when the moment came, although steaming and mashing green beans and carrots weren't exactly the high point of my kitchen accomplishments.

As Little Miss graduates from infancy to toddlerhood, her meals, thankfully, do too. My Guy and I are fans of bold and spicy flavors and while our daughter already has an adventurous palate, we really don't want to deal with the aftermath of shrimp vindaloo on her delicate belly.

On those days, I make Little Miss her own dish, which takes no more than an additional 10 minutes of my time, usually using ingredients that appear in the "adult meals" as well. With barely enough time for sleep, good food fast is a motto I've adopted in the kitchen (thanks, Nigella). And yes, healthy is important too. In fact, it is the driving factor of why I take that extra effort. At least that way I get to control and know exactly what she consumes. I also try to use all natural ingredients with no preservatives, and if possible, organic. If I can't, I don't beat myself up over it. She'll live.

This past weekend, when we stayed home for all three meals, this was what I made for her (or poured into the bowl, as the first case may be).

(Favorite adult weekend cereal, so Little Miss got a few bites too, sans the sugary Charms - all things in moderation right?)

(Udon noodles in miso broth with broccoli and carrots)

(Rice with spinach and egg, garnished with fried shallots)

DESSERT (for both meals)
(Her favorite: Blueberries)

Judging from the above, it's no wonder she can say the word "bowl".  And "hot" because the Chinese in me believe in serving food while it's warm from the stove. We're working on "delicious" next - not so much for her vocabulary as it is for my ego. Sure, I'm raising a healthy kid with all this good-for-the-body food, but really, what's in it for me?

What's your favorite meal to make for your family? Or just for your kids? If you have something that will help me expand my repertoire, I'd love to hear it. So would Little Miss.


  1. Yum. Will you cook for me, too?? We (read: the kiddos) do not have adventurous palates over her, so we go with the Same. Old. Thing. a lot. My daughter's at the age where I can reason with her to try something (most days), but my son is still in the flat-out refusal stage. I'll be interested to see what other folks recommend. Now, I think I need some Lucky Charms ...

  2. I most certainly will. "Loves to entertain" is something I've been accused, so you're in luck. My daughter was in that picky phase too, and I didn't really know how to deal with someone who wouldn't eat tongue tacos - I mean, come on! What's the big deal? I'm just glad she's "recovered", although I suspect this isn't the end of the picky-eating days.

  3. Ive been trying to give my family good and healthy food too ie no canned or packaged food/drinks, food with no nutritional value etc. Anything that has a 1yr expiry date is considered junk food ;) But sometimes it's just so hard to stick to it. How can you avoid those delicious pork luncheon meat with fried egg and baked beans? Preserved mustard greens & tofu pork soup? Ayam brand sardines in tomato sauce curry?

    Sunny boy's favourite food would be ABC soup with macaroni! And he likes it with a dash of Thai chilli powder ;) It's so easy to put together, nutritious (if not for the processed packaged macaroni), and keeps well for a next day lunch/dinner with spirals or mee-suah.

  4. Ping Yee, It's hard not to resort to a quick, easy and delicious meal when you only have so much time in your hands, but I'm not a Nazi about it either. Some french fries here and lunch meat there isn't going to damage our health. In fact, it's great that our little ones get to indulge too. As always, moderation is key. And as long as we have a good balance, I say go for it!

  5. You've got one lucky girl! I haven't been making much of an effort in the kitchen lately, but hope to get back on track again soon. Chloe's favorite is also blueberries, and thankfully she loves smoothies (whole milk, and yogurt) since I'm always trying to fatten up her tiny self.

  6. Yes, we're doing whatever we can to "fatten" up Little Miss too. My mom thinks her tiny frame is due to the "diet food" we feed her, namely fruits, veggies and string cheese -- all of which are her choice mostly. Perhaps some french fries and milkshake are in order. Lucky girl indeed!