Monday, March 15, 2010

Malaysia Series: Little Trooper

I was fussing a great deal prior to our vacation about the 24-hour flight with our 16-month-old as we learned from her maiden voyage that she wasn’t the ideal traveler, to put it mildly, but when the moment of truth finally came, it blew me away.

We brought little tchotchkes to keep her entertained on the flight, as well as a variety of gadgets (laptop, Zune and an Internet tablet) as backups to the portable DVD player should it (God forbid) run out of batteries. Even though she’s a little too big, we requested the bassinet so she could sleep in it, and that was our best move yet. She actually asked to go into the bassinet to sleep, just like with her crib when we’re home. She was also content hanging out in there.


(There's a baby in there somewhere)
At the end of our first leg (15 hours from Chicago to Seoul), the people around us commended her on her behavior.  I was in disbelief. I knew she was doing well when the Taiwanese business man behind us created a paper boat out of his memo pad just for her but aiming for pleasant and ending with great was completely unexpected.  

(Mini Elmo's sweet ride)

I have to say, the fortune cookie was right—we’re having a wonderful time, and Little Miss has a lot to do with it. I gave her too little credit, fretting about how things could go wrong. I never imagined I would be posting about the exact opposite.

While we’re on the subject of pleasant surprises, here in Malaysia, Little Miss is our Little Trooper. We kept her schedule (nap and bed times) intact for the most part and occasionally, we’d push her a little, delaying her nap or bedtime to accommodate get-togethers with friends and family. Her jet lag lasted a mere two days, the heat doesn’t bother her, she enjoys the different cuisines, and while she starts out shy with my family and friends, who’re technically strangers to her, she warms up to them quickly. And she even sleeps through the night in her own room. I mean, come on, how can I not be a proud mama?

I have to admit, before this, I was a little anxious. It was hard for me to think about enjoying our vacation when I was so nervous about how she would adjust to her new environment. I had underestimated her. As the guy behind us on the plane said after we landed, “The flight crew should give her a lollipop for doing so well.”

I agree. In fact, she deserves three…hundred.


  1. Elmo in a boat ... Love it! (He gets a lollipop, too, right?) Glad your daughter's doing so well!

  2. Oh wonderful! You must have been so relieved. Good job Little Trooper!