Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Part 5: I love...

being still.
(Outside our house, on a quiet, snowy winter's day.)

But with much pre-vacation fussing to do (packing, repacking, making a list, checking it thrice, forgetting some things, stressing about forgetting them, etc.), and a 24-hour plane ride with a toddler (gasp!), I won't have that luxury in what would seem like forever. I know I've talked ad nauseam about the dreaded flight but I have learned to remind myself this: Whatever this trip brings us, at least at the end of our journey, tropical sunshine awaits us. With it, a brand new day.

And of course the warmth, both from the sun and my family's embrace. I cannot wait.

NOTE: I will probably be MIA for the next three weeks but when I'm back, I'm pretty sure I will have stories replete with discoveries and wonderment through the eyes of Little Miss and My Guy, who're both new to that part of the world. I am so excited for them. But let's not think that far ahead. First, there's a vacation to be had. And delicious moments to be savored.

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  1. Oh I do hope that you have a wonderful time on your trip! I'll be sending good travel vibes to you. I know how anxious one can get when anticipating any length of plane ride with a little one!
    (Stop by and enter the I Love giveaway before you leave!)
    Safe travels!

  2. Did you say tropical sunshine, 3-weeks away and a 24-hour plane ride? Intriguing! Have a fabulous trip!

  3. Have a great trip and soak up some sun for me! What a great shot by the way!

  4. You have a beautiful blog. Have a wonderful time on your trip!

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes for Nora! You must have made it safely! I'm interested in how that plane ride went! :)