Sunday, February 21, 2010

Part 3: I love...

fortune cookies. (Especially when they're true.)

(click on image for larger view)

This evening's takeout brought me a fortune that made my jaw drop. We leave for Malaysia in three days! What made me quiver with excitement wasn't so much that this was some fine piece of soothsaying. It's that it specifically says "fun vacation." Does that mean Little Miss is going to be the perfect little traveler and not be that baby?

I mean, why else would it say "fun vacation" right? It didn't say "fun vacation except for when you're flying there and back". Suddenly, things are looking up for us. Little Miss is going to sleep for 80 percent of the flight and play happy peekaboo games with strangers who will fall in love with her. They will also commend us on the incredible job we've done as parents.

Yes, it's going to be great. Because the cookie says so.

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  1. i love that cookie! it must be true.

  2. Um, that's a bit crazy...
    There could be no other possibility than complete truth!
    Have a wonderful time!

    p.s. So glad you've joined us for I Love!

  3. Nice!

    Here's my cool fortune cookie:

  4. I have always believed in fortune cookies. Good luck!