Saturday, February 20, 2010

Part 2: I love...

...our grey cat.

Macavity is the most laidback and loving cat/pet I know. When I was pregnant, I was a little worried about how our pets, two cats and one dog, would react to the baby. As it turns out, Kirby (the dog), while harmless, barely tolerates her, and the other cat, Kayli, panics at the sight of Little Miss. Macavity just brushes himself against her for attention, completely unaffected by her happy screeching and flailing arms that would make any animal turn tail and run. He even climbs on her and lays his head on her lap to rest (where's that camera?!).

The Little Miss grabs his tail, pokes his belly, tugs at his whiskers, and this cat just lies there. Maybe it's because she "serves him tea" (bringing a toy teacup and tipping it up to his mouth, to make sure he finishes every last drop) or maybe because he knew from the time she was growing inside me, as he lay purring on the mound that was my belly, she was his best friend in the making.

So it came as no surprise that her first real word was "cat". I cannot imagine raising Little Miss without our beloved pets -- yes, even the fat orange one. But it is really Macavity that brings out the sparkle in her eye. And this is why:

(he's still sleeping inside the bed as she climbs in with him)

(animated conversation - get it? get it?)

(wrestling match. baby 1 : cat 0)

(like her, we heart our "Macavity, the mystery cat")

(and I'm pretty sure he hearts us back too!)

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  1. How cozy to have a Macavity the Mystery Cat. She'll have to learn the poem as she gets older and has a kitty for a pal. She's a blessed pumpkin.

  2. So sweet! We have kitties too. They aren't as tolerant of the kiddos as yours, but they are working on it.