Friday, February 19, 2010

"It's Friday, I'm in Love"

I've joined the "I Love" bandwagon! Click the button on the right and see what it's all about. Kudos to Kerry who originated this oh-so-wonderful idea.

So I had all these ideas for my first I Love post that I couldn't wait to share, except this evening, as the night wore on, a new one began to form in my head. You see, I was celebrating a belated Valentine's Day with My Guy. We started with dinner and cocktails, and had the most amazing conversation, with music from all our favorite bands--The National, Hot Chip, Phoenix--playing in the background. It felt like the night was made for us. 

It was followed by the Chicago Auto Show. Yes, how romantic. But so us, as we both love cars, although he's the Car & Driver-subscribing geek. And this (don't laugh. OK, laugh all you want) is our annual Valentine's celebration. Does the nerdery ever end? Uhm, probably not. Throughout the evening, as I sat across from this man and heard myself talking, laughing, giggling like a schoolgirl and building these dreams, it became clear to me just what my first post would be about.

I love...

This man.

 (whose picture I snapped with my phone as he sat across from me tonight)

 Without whom, there wouldn't be this little wonder


And many perfect moments, such as this


And this.

(thank you to our friend and talented photographer for this. more ah-ma-zing work here.)

And many, many more.

Happy Valentine's Day. Sure it's late. But that is also us.

(Please join me on this bandwagon - tell me what YOU love.)


  1. So sweet! What a lovely family you have!

  2. Aw, tears! So sweet.
    My contribution: I love hearing my daughter wake up by hooting a greeting to the owls in her room.

  3. Aww very cute. Glad you had a great time.

    Let's see... what do I love... Well I do really love taking photos, esp. for you guys! I also love your blog's new layout :) Maybe I'll post about something more personal that I love on my own blog... maybe not hehe....

  4. Oh how much fun it is to read about your fun! Sweet!

  5. Glad you joined in. I have been having a lot of fun with one. You have a lovely family, animals and all. Thanks for stopping by the other day. I am loving the boots too especially the $3 price tag. I definitely LOVE the thrift store I just found.