Sunday, January 17, 2010

That Baby.

Our trip to Malaysia is coming up in about a month and instead of getting excited about the winter reprieve and the tropical sun, we're dreading the impending journey there. That's because we have yet to recover from our four-hour plane ride from Portland three months ago, where Little Miss was that baby.

She was the only infant on board so that didn't help matters. She was squirmy, moving from one shiny object to another at the speed of light, and not too big on the cuddling. She wasn't too bad the first three hours but at the end, she was so overtired that she screamed, kicked, and cried her lungs out. Yes, that baby. And then she passed out in my arms as I walked up and down the aisle, where everyone got to see exactly which demon child was raising hell. I, of course, like any sensible mother would, avoided all eye contact.

Having gone through that ordeal, it is no wonder that we haven't really spoken about our excitement about seeing my family, indulging in great home-cooked meals or Malaysian food in general, our first trip to my home country together, the four-day excursion to the beach at a great hotel, or sharing an occasional glimpse into my childhood with two of the most important people in my life. Yes, there's much to look forward to and explore but sadly, our discussions haven't gone past our flight there.
It's probably because we will be on the plane for about 24 hours. The four-hour Portland preview alone made us cringe. I'm not sure what this full-day trip would do to us. We've contemplated:
  1. buying everyone in the ten-seat radius some ear plugs and a "we're sorry" card
  2. using a horse tranquilizer on her
  3. using a horse tranquilizer on us -- the plane's sealed; where could she possibly go?
  4. getting her her own seat about ten rows down from us and only go there to feed her when everyone's asleep; or
  5. all of the above.
At this point, we haven't ruled out any of the above, but apart from the extreme measures, we've also been trying to get her hooked on TV. Yes, we've abandoned our Parents-of-the-Year aspirations for something less admirable (but a whole lot more useful, if you ask me). We just want her to enter into this trance we've seen other kids get into when the screen lights up with animation/song/dance. We used to (secretly) scoff at parents who resorted to TV as babysitters but now, we are just envious. Little Miss would watch Baby Einstein but nothing else held her interest.

Enter Backyardigans, an animated series of imaginative friends who explore new worlds in their minds together. They sing and dance, and successfully keep Little Miss enthralled. I have to say, their music is quite infectious, as I've had the theme song play in my head for awhile now, and yet I don't mind it. Hey, at least it's not Barney. I'm sure that time will come too (again, hello horse tranqs -- gotta love its versatile utility), but for now, Backyardigans is a welcome addition to our family. Occasionally, Little Miss claps and sways to the music but mostly, she watches it intently. Just what we're looking for. With a DVD player and a little pocket computer as our arsenal to play as many Backyardigans episodes as the batteries would allow, we just may be able to keep her entertained for half the trip there.

As for the other half, see option 5.