Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gilmore Girls

Fridays are the new Mondays for me, when a new cycle of frenzy begins. Little Miss is only one but she already has quite a social calendar, especially on the weekends, where she has some kind of class (e.g. aqua babies, wiggle worms, etc.), playdates, and a trip to someplace My Guy and I normally wouldn’t go by ourselves, like the museum or a conservatory. We also try to meet up with other folks (with or without kids) for dinner or brunch just to prove to ourselves that our lives don’t only revolve around baby, which is rather futile (and ironic) as we have to do all of this around her sleep schedule (morning and afternoon naps and a 7pm-bedtime. Oy!). Perpetual clock-watching on weekends also means that when Mondays roll around, we are completely exhausted. One Monday is bad enough, but two??!

I’ve also been warned by seasoned parents that it doesn’t get better. With older children come even more classes (ballet, ukelele, cross-stitching, karate, how to win friends and influence people...), birthday parties, sports events, etc. I feel worn out just thinking about it. I have so much respect for people who have it together and while a few of us aspire to be a Martha Stewart of sorts, creating homemade candles and marshmallows—it’s not a delicacy; I meant it as two separate items, although to each his/her own—and hand-sewn Christmas ornaments with the kids, I also have to realize that I don’t think even Martha friggin look-at-how-perfect-my-easter-eggs-are Stewart, has the ideal mother-daughter relationship. But then again, who does? Oh wait – the Gilmore Girls!

While it was never my favorite TV program, I have to admit I enjoyed it. Centered around a mother and daughter and their witty repartees and clever banter fused with heartfelt, hallmark moments, I secretly harbor a desire for Little Miss to grow into a Rory Gilmore, a precocious little teen who reads Proust and eventually graduates from Yale and ends up with a rich man (the lattermost being optional, though it certainly doesn't hurt). But since I’m no Lorelai Gilmore myself—hip, cool, laidback, trusting mom and best friend to Rory—what are the chances that Little Miss and I will arrive at this relationship someday? Probably slim to none, but I suppose it's better that way as (Our last name that does not begin with G) Girls, without the alliterative effect, just doesn't have the same ring to it.

But as I recall, Rory was a cool kid despite the fact that Lorelai never schlepped her around in a minivan to countless after-school activities or even made dinner together, let alone candles. So perhaps even if Little Miss doesn’t have a full social calendar, or if we skip out on a trip to the organic farm to see how pigs are humanely raised, she may still grow into a poised, well-read and successful young lady, just like Rory. And maybe, just maybe, I can ease up on the weekends and not feel guilty about possibly ruining my daughter's future.

I’m so glad I’m grounded in reality.